3 Ways To Be a Good Fence Neighbor


There is a Robert Frost poem that states “good fences make good neighbors,” and despite being written more than a century ago, the words are as true today as they were then. Part of the poem’s wisdom lies in the importance of privacy in an individual’s life. Just as relevant, yet sometimes overlooked, however, is the reference to a “good” fence. While most boundary barriers can provide neighbors with the privacy they desire, an unsightly, obtrusive or dangerous construction could raise tensions even higher. Here are three ways to ensure you are being a good fence neighbor.

A Fine Line

Nothing upsets a neighbor more than encroaching on his or her property. If you’re considering fence installation Lake County IL or elsewhere in the country, be sure to keep your fence well within your plot. Stay on the safe side by having a surveyor clearly define your property lines.

Obey the Law

Before embarking on a new fence project, check local zoning laws to see what type of fence is allowed on your property. Most municipalities have some type of regulations in place and violating these policies can lead to significant financial penalties. These ordinances can restrict a fence’s height, color, style and placement, as well as provide direction on expense sharing and maintenance responsibilities.

A Friendly Chat

When looking to make a big change to your property, show your neighbors the courtesy of talking it over with them. After all, what you do on your plot will affect the property value of those living next door. Instead of surprising them with a new fence, invite them over and discuss your plans so that they can voice any questions or concerns before it’s too late.

Don’t let your new fence be an offense to your neighbors. Keep these tips in mind so you can have a good fence and great neighbors.