Getting Fast Broadband Internet at Our New House in the Suburbs


We were moving to a home we bought that was in foreclosure. It did not need a thing to make it the perfect home for us. We had our DirecTV, and were having it transferred to our new home. However, the house was not in a major suburb, and we were worried about getting high-speed Internet service that we would like. We looked into getting DirecTV Internet that was affordable and fast. The kids need to be able to watch all their goofy videos, and my husband and I do a lot of surfing ourselves. We probably do more social media posts than both kids combined, and I do like watching my favorite TV shows on my tablet while sitting out on the deck with a glass of iced tea.

You need fast Internet if everyone is going to be watching videos at the same time. My husband is a photographer who maintains a photography website. He needs fast upload and download speeds for his business. That is why we were looking into getting DirecTV Internet service. We needed something fast enough to suit the needs of the whole family at the same time. A few years ago we had some Internet service provider that was not good. We had to take turns doing anything that was bandwidth intensive such as watching videos. We were used to fast Internet now, and we were not going to settle for anything less at our new house.

It turns out that the speed of data transfer we are getting for our Internet service at our new house is actually faster than what we were getting at the old place, So, we have no complaints at all about the speed. We have no complaints about the cost or the customer service either. Things are going good at the new place.