Knowing When to Ask Help as a Small Business

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When starting a small business, you have to wear many hats in order to get yourself up off the ground. Unfortunately, this also means that you are expected to be an expert in something you have little to no experience in. While some aspects of this are okay to learn on the fly, others have more serious consequences and should be turned over to a professional.


The US Tax Code is complicated and changes frequently. Using a service for tax preparation Long Island NY allows you to shift the questions and risks to someone who can focus their entire knowledge base on keeping you on the right side of the law. Tax and accounting services may also ensure that you accurately pay federal, state, and local taxes for the business and employees.

Inventory Tracking

While some businesses and services are relatively straightforward to track cost-of-goods-sold and sales via a paper notebook, or a simple spreadsheet, often things get more complex. Using services and programs which back up your data across multiple devices can help you make sure that your books are accurate and justify your decisions.


Although ideally, you will be able to make simple repairs, fixing electrical, mechanical, or plumbing issues can often go beyond your scope of expertise. It is important to find a handyman service who you trust who will give you fair prices for regular maintenance or emergency repairs. In some cases, trying to fix something yourself may only add to the damage.

As a small business owner, you have many responsibilities and may feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to complete. This, however, does not mean that you have to do everything alone. Finding experts to assist you both allow you to stay safe but also allow you to stay on the right side of the law.

How To Sculpt a Memorable Resume

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As the only thing a recruiter sees before deciding whether or not to pursue an applicant, your resume must both stand out and communicate that you can do the requirements of the job. Staffing companies in Boston MA can help you with most aspects of the job hunt, but for those seeking jobs through alternative means, the following will give some pointers on possible improvements.

File Type

Most jobs request that applications be filled out online. This is so that their applicant tracking systems (ATS) can scan resumes and quickly decide based on the content whether or not the applicant is vaguely qualified or not. Make sure that you save your resume under a readable format. Saving as a Word document is usually fine, but beware that formatting can sometimes come out funky when it goes through an ATS. Your best bet for keeping format in place is to make your resume a PDF, but make sure it is a recent version where text can be selected.

Keywords Are Key

When the ATS scans a resume, it searches for certain keywords that the recruiter is looking for in an applicant. Read the job description to determine which words are used the most, and make sure to incorporate these words into your resume.

Sell Yourself

Assuming your resume makes it past the ATS, it will be immediately thrown out if there is nothing of substance. Use action verbs while describing your work experience, and highlight what achievements you were responsible for at each position. Finally, look for eye-catching designs to make your resume really stand out to a recruiter.

When it comes to resumes, it takes a lot more than simply writing down contact information and giving simple job descriptions; you must sell yourself as the person this job post was made for. Making sure that your resume is in tip-top shape is essential to getting a call back.

Understanding the Management of ChargeMaster

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When you are running a business, revenue management is one of the most critical aspects that must be performed efficiently. You want to make sure you are meeting your profit targets and that customers are being charged appropriately. There are a lot of moving parts with every transaction, and it can be challenging to keep up with everything at times. With this said, technology assists business owners in the revenue management department, and this is especially true for hospitals. Hospitals are responsible for so many different types of procedures, check-ups, and emergencies. Since these are usually chaotic environments, anything that can assist with the mundane work of revenue management is of great assistance. Most hospitals, nowadays are equipped with chargemaster management to make this process much more comfortable than it was before. One can only imagine how difficult managing this aspect of a hospital was before the advent of the internet.

Why Chargemaster?

For those familiar with the practice of accounting, you understand the importance of having an easily identifiable chart of accounts. Each transaction within the business is journalized accurately based on a designated account title and filed away. When tax seasons come around, taxes are easy to complete because everything is outlined already. However, hospital revenue management is much more complicated than the average business. A typical company only sells a handful of different products, and this chart of accounts can be created in one day. With a hospital, there are so many kinds of medical equipment, medicine, and other tools that need to be assigned to patient bills. Fortunately, chargemaster allows physicians to easily bill patients based on information that is inputted into these systems. Since hospitals are not allowed to overbill patients, it is essential to use automated systems at this time. While mistakes can still happen, chargemaster reduces them significantly.

How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

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Working from home is the dream of so many Americans. Not only are you able to spend more time with your family and get chores out of the way more easily, but you can sit in your jammies and nobody has to know! However, with the sweet always comes the sour. While it’s great to work from home, it can also be difficult. You have to be self-directed and motivated when you have no one to boss you around but yourself. 

Close Everything Else

Whether you program dry cleaner POS software or write articles for a living, distraction is real when you sit in front of a computer all day. The internet is just a click away, so if you check Twitter really quick you can also make sure that Facebook has no missed messages and…

Be honest with yourself and admit that you are unable to focus with other programs open. Log out of all your social media accounts, close Tetris and open your work software. Without the ease of already being logged in, you can eliminate the temptation to open your apps.

Turn on Music

It’s not your imagination: Music really can help you focus. If you think that it’s only classical music that speaks to your senses, think again! Any music that you enjoy is good for helping you to concentrate and really hone in on what you’re working on. So if Brahms Lullaby is not your cup of tea but screaming along with Disturbed is, you’re in luck!

Shoo Everyone Out

Young kids, spouses, pets or anyone else who lives in your home need to understand that you are working when you’re at work. Your dog might be the best boy in the whole world, but when he and his sister are wrestling underneath your desk it can cause a bit of a distraction. Kick everyone out and close the door.

Help yourself to be more productive while working from home. Eliminate distractions and get yourself focused and ready to succeed in your home office.