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Create a Superior Workforce by Managing Employee Talent

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You spent the time to hire and cultivate the talent in your company, but are you getting the most out of your talent? When employees don’t feel valued for what they can do for your company, they may be more inclined to seek a job elsewhere. However, if you can capitalize on that talent, your business can thrive and the employee benefits.

Talent Management

Use the company’s goals, mission, values and vision to strategically handle the talent within the organization. Using talent managers like Eyal Gutentag can help your business capitalize on the talent it already has and find new talent to grow the company. Talent managers help promote career development and promotional opportunities, create job descriptions to hire the right people from the start, conduct planning discussions for performance development and negotiate standards, measures and outcomes for performance standards.

Right Hires

Hiring the right people for the job from the start saves your company time and money. That process starts with knowing what each job entails and crafting a job description that accurately reflects that. When the right people interview for the job, the position is most likely to be filled with someone who has the right personality and skills to match the organization’s culture. The person who already has the skills can onboard faster and take advantage of learning opportunities to grow within the company.

Supportive Research

The American Society for Training and Development has found that most company’s don’t effectively use talent management despite the fact that many high performing organizations do use components of talent management. Integrating talent management into the corporate structure can help the company more effectively find, cultivate and grow talent. Employees and the company benefit from a company culture open to improvement and growth. An executive team that works with the talent manager is the most effective approach.