Invest in Scarce Paper Money

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Many people realize that rare coins, particularly gold and silver coins can be quite valuable. Did you know that certain issues of paper money are also quite valuable? Those who know often collect valuable paper money for fun as well as for investment value. You have several options when looking for investable valuable paper money New York NY.

Fractional Currency: Rare and Valuable

Fractional currency was used in the United States and in other countries in the past. US varieties were in general circulation during Civil War times (1862-1876) when coinage was in short supply. This form of paper money is also known as shinplasters. They were issued in the following denominations: 3 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents. Fractional currency is physically smaller than other US paper money. It also does not have a serial number. Many of them feature prominent politicians, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Spencer Clark on the obverse. Some of these pieces are quite rare and can represent a suitable investment for some people.

Gold Certificates: Even More Valuable

Gold certificates were also issued by the United States, but are not in circulation anymore. Perhaps you may be more familiar with silver certificates, which were in general circulation until 1965. A gold certificate was redeemable at any bank or the US Treasure for actual physical gold. They were issued from 1863 to 1933. After the US went off the gold standard in the 1930s, they were no longer printed.

Some of these gold certificates are quite rare. All of them have collectible value. One of the rarest is the 1882 $100 gold certificate, of which only 7 were issued. One specimen sold for over $117,000 in 2013. Another valuable one is the 1890 $100 gold certificate, also valued at well over $100,000 per specimen.

3 Ways To Be a Good Fence Neighbor

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There is a Robert Frost poem that states “good fences make good neighbors,” and despite being written more than a century ago, the words are as true today as they were then. Part of the poem’s wisdom lies in the importance of privacy in an individual’s life. Just as relevant, yet sometimes overlooked, however, is the reference to a “good” fence. While most boundary barriers can provide neighbors with the privacy they desire, an unsightly, obtrusive or dangerous construction could raise tensions even higher. Here are three ways to ensure you are being a good fence neighbor.

A Fine Line

Nothing upsets a neighbor more than encroaching on his or her property. If you’re considering fence installation Lake County IL or elsewhere in the country, be sure to keep your fence well within your plot. Stay on the safe side by having a surveyor clearly define your property lines.

Obey the Law

Before embarking on a new fence project, check local zoning laws to see what type of fence is allowed on your property. Most municipalities have some type of regulations in place and violating these policies can lead to significant financial penalties. These ordinances can restrict a fence’s height, color, style and placement, as well as provide direction on expense sharing and maintenance responsibilities.

A Friendly Chat

When looking to make a big change to your property, show your neighbors the courtesy of talking it over with them. After all, what you do on your plot will affect the property value of those living next door. Instead of surprising them with a new fence, invite them over and discuss your plans so that they can voice any questions or concerns before it’s too late.

Don’t let your new fence be an offense to your neighbors. Keep these tips in mind so you can have a good fence and great neighbors.

3 Exciting Career Ideas To Get Out of The House and Into the World

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Are you looking for a change of pace? After spending months at home, a new career may be just what you need. As you start your search, consider your interests and what would make you feel most fulfilled in your working life. With these considerations in mind, consider one of these exciting careers. 

For Mountain Lovers  

A job that does not get enough attention but is full of more adventure than you can imagine is mountain guiding. This difficult career path can have you making first ascents on mountains and exploring the world. To get started, look up your local chapter of the American Mountain Guides Association, or AMGA. Here you can learn about what is necessary for certification and explore where you can start marketing your services. Then you are ready to begin your adventure. 

For Homebodies 

Some people want to get out while staying close to home. If this sounds perfect, consider a career in real estate. You will learn more about your city than you knew before, with a great paycheck. To get started, look up how to get a real estate license Boston. From there, you can start learning the ins and outs of how to go from listed to sold. When you sell your first forever home, you’ll know you chose the right job. 

For Adventure Chasers 

Want to travel the world for free? Eager to help people? If the answer is yes, consider a career as a flight attendant. This job is challenging and full of amazing perks, like free travel on your airline. Start doing your research on companies and their hubs to help you see which fits you best. As you learn more about becoming a flight attendant, take the time to read up on the technical and soft skills you will need to be successful.  

Whichever path you take, an incredible adventure awaits you. 

FAQs About Bail Bonds Services

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Bail Bonds Services

When a suspect is arrested for a criminal offense, he is held in custody until his arraignment or initial bail hearing. At this hearing, which usually takes place within a few days of arrest, a judge presents the charges to the accused and sets the bail amount. 

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is an amount of money that is paid to the court as a way to guarantee that a defendant will show up for his or her court date. When bail is paid, the defendant is released from custody until trial. Because bail amounts can be set prohibitively high, most defendants rely on Washington County bail bonds services.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a type of insurance, called a surety bond. It is a legal agreement that is entered into between a bail agent and the court, in which the agent agrees to be responsible for the total amount of bail in the event that the defendant doesn’t appear for a court date.

How Do You Get a Bail Bond?

First of all, the bail amount must have already been set by the court. Interested parties can find out the bail amount by contacting the detention center directly, or by having a lawyer contact them. Next, the defendant or his representative must contact a licensed bail agent. The agent will issue a bond for a fee equal to a certain percentage of the bail amount. The agent retains this fee regardless of the outcome of the case. 

What Happens if the Bail Agreement is Broken?

In the event that the defendant breaks the terms of his bail by not appearing for a court date, the entire amount of the bail is forfeited to the court. In the case of a bail bond, this means that the agent will owe the court that amount. Any collateral that was offered to a bail agent in exchange for the bond will be forfeited. The judge will issue an arrest warrant and the defendant will remain in custody for the remainder of his or her trial.